We have heard from some vendors some concerns that the November CCAF was not happening. Nothing could be more incorrect. The following letter usually goes out to our Vendors and Car Show participants but we think everyone needs to see the letter. I am sorry for the length of this post but felt everyone needed to know that it is business as usual in November and we can’t wait to see our many friends and hopefully make some new ones. Please read all the letter and if you already receive this annual mailing, your November Registration Form is included. If you do not receive a Registration Form it is available on our website,www.carolinacollectorautofest.com or give me a call at 336-972-4362. SEE BELOW!

To All Who Help Make the CCAF a Success; June 26, 2016

On behalf of Phillip and Diane Walker, Myself and the staff of the Carolina Collector Auto Fest, I want to say “thank you” for supporting the March 2016 edition of the Carolina Collector Auto Fest.

We appreciate the efforts of every vendor who supports the event. We also appreciate the input from those who took advantage of the Saturday night Vendor dinner to pass on your suggestions in such a forum. We have put a lot of thought into those suggestions and we expect to make some major changes to the March 2017 CCAF. We will update everyone as decisions are made. The upcoming November version of the CCAF will see some small changes readying everyone for next March. Some of those changes implemented this November are NO Wednesday drop off or set up. We will not be there. The $2,200 saved on building rent that day is one way we are able to keep the rates as they are. Another change is Friday set up times and show hours. We will still be there at 7:00 AM for vendors wishing to set up on Friday but set up time is extended till NOON. Show hours will be from 1:00 PM till 8:00 PM. The Friday Cruise-In will become a car show and we will change the media advertising and the 10,000 flyers to reflect that change so hopefully we will attract more after-work people on Friday.

We are enclosing your Vendor Registration Forms for November 2016 along with this note. We are happily maintaining the fees in place since Phillip bought the event. We continue offer a discount for early registration. Take Note!! For those who pre-register by August 1st, there is still a 10% discount available. A 5% discount is available if we receive the registration before September 1st. That must be done by cash, check or money order. No credit cards please due to the continuing increases in those fees. Space rental remains at the current rate of $100.00 per space if registration and payment are received by the registration deadline of October 15, 2016. For any registration received after October 15th, the space rental will be $120.00. Car Corral fees remain the same but remember car corral spaces will be limited to vehicles only. Those who display merchandise with their vehicles are still welcome but their spaces will be in the general swap meet area. Not along the wall in the Car Corral spaces.

We understand your busy schedules keep you on the move a lot but we want to encourage you to take advantage of the regular rate and get the forms in the mail to us as soon as possible. While ALL vendors are welcome to the Saturday vendor dinner, ONLY PAID, PRE-REGISTERED VENDORS will be eligible for any of the Door Prizes or CASH given away at our annual Saturday evening dinner. Early registration also helps us with event planning and vendor space location. We understand last minute emergencies but it would also be very helpful to us to know ahead of time if you can’t make it to the next event. If we know in advance that someone isn’t coming, that allows us time to get on the phone and recruit someone to possibly fill that space.

Again, we want to thank you for your continued support and we welcome you back in November to the 30th season of the Carolina Collector Auto Fest. If you have missed a show or two, come on back and visit with us. We missed you. BTW!! Last March and November were almost completely sold out so contact us for space availability.

For our car show participants:

Our Saturday “Classics” show has been extended to a Friday / Saturday event. The overall awards will change some with the “Top 50” plaques being reduced to the “Top 30” BUT all who come on Friday will receive a special “personalized” plaque with a photo of your car and your name and show date. We will also be doing FRIDAY ONLY awards for the “Best Paint”, “Best Interior” and other awards to be announced. Only cars on display Friday will be eligible for those awards. Those awards and the regular event awards will still be given out on Saturday at 4:00 PM. Friday attendees are welcome to leave their classics in the Dorton Arena overnight. The first 70 pre-registered cars will be guaranteed space inside so please get those registrations in by October 15th. That also allows us time to return your registration receipts, window cards and entrance maps to you in plenty of time. Tell your friends about these changes. AND, don’t forget to visit our vendors next door in the Jim Graham Building. They are the life-blood of the car show industry. They need your support whenever you need that hard to find part for your classic.

Our Sunday car show remains basically the same with only some minor award changes. BUT! All of our car show participants will hear some exciting news for our event coming in March of 2017. You don’t want to miss these announcements.

I hope to see you back with us on November.

Randy Myers
Show Manager CCAF